Pure Synergy Superfood -- 650 mg - 270 Capsules

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Pure Synergy Superfood Description
  • The Original Superfood - Since 1977
  • Made with Organic Herbs, Vegetables & Fruits
  • Created by Mitchell May
  • To Nourish & Enhance Your Life Experience

In use for over 35 years, Pure Synergy is the original, extensively researched and world-renowned superfood formula. Produced at the award-winning organic facility, Pure Synergy blends 60 of nature's most life-giving and nutrient-rich organic whole food and botanical concentrates into a "wellness food" of perfect nutritional potency. Hundreds of health-supporting phytonutrients - found exclusively in Pure Synergy fruits, sprouts, grasses, vegetables, flowers, mushrooms, spices, sea plants, and herbs - all unite to produce a rare "synergy" that helps restore, protect and sustain your vitality, mental clarity and core foundation of wellness.


Suggested Use: Up to 18 capsules. Pure Synergy offers the greatest health-enhancing benefits when used as a regular part of your health routine. If you are using Pure Synergy for the first time, please begin slowly. We suggest starting with a serving size of 2 to 5 capsules and gradually increasing up to 18 capsules. Many people take their Pure Synergy first thing in the morning; others take it throughout the day when they want extra nourishment and energy.


Please store away from direct sunlight and heat. When possible, please refrigerate for optimal freshness.

Free Of Gluten, dairy, fillers and additives.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.