SAKURA Slit Shad 100 mm 8 Units

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SLIT SHAD Category: Soft swimbait - shad Characteristics : - 2 ´- 50 mm / Set of 20 - 3 ´- 75 mm / Set of 15 - 3.3 ´- 85 mm / Set of 10 - 4 ´- 100 mm / 8 Cover - 5 ´- 125 mm / Set of 6 - 6 ´- 150 mm / Set of 3 - 7 ´- 175 mm / Set of 3 - 8 ´- 200 mm / Set of 2 Natural form, Slit Shad has an almost triangular section of the body including the flat back is slotted lengthwise to cover the tip of the hook at the Texan montages or properly centering a leaden head. A ventral groove, perfectly proportioned, is also fitted to facilitate sliding offsets when Forged hooks, without affecting the maintenance of the hook during the animation, including when going into force through obstacles or ´skipping´. The caudal peduncle has been expertly designed to offer great mobility and optimum vibration severity. Prior to refine it at its base has two articulation areas that amplify and retransmit its beat to the whole lure. The effect of ´rolling´ obtained each pull is really appealing. The caudal termination Slit Shad is thin and flat with an ovoid shape which gives it an immediate actuation, even at very low speed. By increasing the rate of recovery, tail pulses will amplify and propagate powerful low-frequency waves, can be labeled with distance. This scalable mobility is the superiority of Slit Shad as it keeps a blameless stability in all situations. The panel sizes we offer will allow you to practice different types of fishing: rock fishing, linear, vertical buzzing pulling waddles. Slit Shad 150-175 - 200 mm: These three Slit Shad will please the lovers of big soft lures. Perfectly sized to pike, large perch and catfish or sea predators (bars, pollack, lean, cod, etc.), Slit Shad 6 , 7 and 8 ´use a density polymer´ middle ´ without injection of salt but impregnated with attractant ´shellfish´, which provides the robustness needed when looking for such fish with sometimes quite heavy fixtures. The jig heads and their variations, as well as Texas mounts are priority weapons systems we recommend for these two sizes. Anyway, you will find all the qualities of pêchantes Shad Slit and superb colors panel suitable for use. Kits are available in Pike and Saltwater Techniques for sizes 150 and 175 mm. You have no excuses!