POWERSLIDE Race Attack Helmet

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50-54 cm


Powerslides´ Race Attack helmet puts your safety first.

A LED-light on the backside of the helmet ensures that you will always be seen, even in low light conditions.

The battery can be charged via an USB port.

The helmet offers best protection thanks to the combination of high density EPS and the shell made of ABS material.

The size and fit can by individually adjusted with the head ring.

The Race Attack helmet also comes in a smaller size, making it the perfect helmet for younger skaters or people with smaller heads.

Extremely light weight, without any compromise to safety.The Race Attack will be offered in three attractive colors and it´s no question that the helmet passes the European safety standard for bicycle helmets.

The Powerslide kids racing collection has been designed for younger skaters to be able to conquer the fundamental technique and skating exercises that are essential to performance.

Each skate has been designed to not only be functional, but also highly resistant to wear and tear, as these young champions develop, crashes will happen! Using technology which can be found also in the adult skate collections, Powerslide has wanted to ensure that these kids racing skates are also very high performance without any compromise to quality and function.


lightweight helmet.

added safety thanks to integrated LED lights on the backside.

allround helmet for kids and adults for skating and biking.


Technology Icons:PVC, High Density EPS, In-Mold, X-Pand, Sealed Pads.