LOCTITE Super Glue 3 5 gr Brush

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Loctite Super Glue-3 Brush - An adhesive that applies cleanly and safely Do you have the heel of a broken shoe and you think it is impossible to fix it? Not sure which adhesive to use to repair the support of a photo frame? Loctite Super Glue-3 Brush Instant Glue is the solution to your problems, ensuring clean, long-lasting and precise results and exceptional surface coverage. Thanks to its revolutionary brush and anti-drip formula, this universal glue is very easy to apply. To offer extra strong and instant bonds, this Loctite glue dries in 3 seconds and is resistant to water and dishwasher, shock and extreme temperatures (-50 ° C to 120 ° C). Furthermore, as it is multi-material, it is used to bond metal, porcelain, plastic *, rubber, leather *, wood or marble with maximum bonding force. To make it even easier to use, this adhesive comes in a very stable bottle that includes an easy-open cap. BENEFITS Thanks to its brush, this liquid glue is easy to use, non-drip, clean and safe; should be applied to surfaces that are clean and dry This fast glue dries in 3 seconds and can be applied to metal, porcelain, plastic *, wood, rubber, marble, and leather * Due to its stable bottle and easy-open cap, this transparent glue is convenient to use; should be stored upright in a cool, dry place Thanks to its new formula, this transparent adhesive is resistant to water and dishwasher, to impacts and extreme temperatures * Except PE, PP and Teflon; may damage leather and not suitable for glass, polystyrene or synthetic fibers. Not suitable for products that come into contact with food. It is recommended to do a test in an inconspicuous place. Not suitable for electrical repairs